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Larry Garland, from KrakenPop, contacted me after I stopped selling Dillon Precision products in August of 2016.
He was interested in continuing Dillon sales and support for my customer base. I researched KrakenPop and found
only 100% positive reviews. I then called Larry and right off the bat knew he was a rock solid individual.
He reminded me of my Dillon customers from Texas – salt of the earth people. When I realized his business partner
is Bob Klunk, the inventor of the 40 S&W cartridge – I know these guys are the real deal. So with confidence I
recommend my Dillon customers to KrakenPop.

To purchase Dillon Precision products, please visit our affiliate, KrakenPop. If you call KrakenPop to place your order, please tell them you were referred to them from Brian Enos. Thank you for your support. -Brian Enos

One last note… To search for a specific Dillon Precision item on KrakenPop’s site, add “dp” to the beginning of Dillon’s SKU for the item. For example, Dillon’s SKU for a Primer Flip Tray is 13606. So to search for Dillon’s Primer Flip Tray on KrakenPop’s site, the search SKU is “dp13606”.