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Early Days

A few old photos from the early years of The Steel Challenge (’81 – ’82). Practicing on steel targets was right out, so Mike Henry and I practiced for the match by shooting at paper plates stapled to sticks. (We couldn’t afford any sort of fancy steel targets.) The third pic down in the right column is truly a classic shot. But I guess you kind’a had to been there…

who are they? mike and be
Darla and Ryan(!) Wilson, standing with
the legendary Armand Swenson.
Mike Henry and me after our first Steel Challenge.
Check out those prizes—we hit the big-time!
nick and be John and be
Nick Pruitt, the original “point shooter,” showing
the new kid from AZ what it’s all about.
John Shaw, blasting targets while I’m still clearing
leather. (Yea, that’s real leather, from a cow.)
prize tent top 16
In the prize tent, rakin’ in the prizes. Now, for
sure—I’m going to the Bianchi Cup.
A few guys I recognize: (top row, R to L) J Bartell, Nick Pruitt, (probably) Mike Fitchman—(bottom, L to R) Me, Lanny Provence, John Shaw, Mickey Fowler, Craig Gifford, Ray Neal, Bill Wilson, Leonard knight.
psyching up 3 amigos
I think Mike’s finishing off a candybar while
I’m psyching up to tear some stage apart.
Check out those rad Ray-Ban’s. I had
them custom made after my .30 carbine
almost took my left eye out. (I still have ’em.)
I left this one to illustrate—I was so poor I could only afford one T-shirt! (Observant types will notice that this photo is on the “The Ol’ Days” page.) At least I owned two pairs of jeans.