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Shooting Books and CDs


Books & CDs



Dillon Precision

Wilson Combat

Brian's Collection
Matt Burkett
Ron Avery

Practical Shooting, Beyond FundamentalsPractical Shooting, Beyond Fundamentals, by Brian Enos
"I may be able to live without my gun, holster, or reloading press, but I couldn't live without this book. Each time I read it I learn something new. That is the definitive mark of a master piece." - Travis Tomasie.  Order  More info

The Practical Shooting ManualThe Practical Shooting Manual, by Matt Burkett
Matt Burkett's Practical Shooting Manual is designed to help the Practical Pistol enthusiast excel at any level of skill or safety, and covers all the commonly asked technique and equipment selection questions.  Order  More info

Thinking Practical ShootingPerfect Practice, and Thinking Practical Shooting, by Saul Kirsch
Saul's first book, Perfect Practice, contains specific drills on how and what to practice, and his second book, Thinking Practical Shooting, expands on a wide range of topics that will steadily improve your IPSC/USPSA shooting skills.  Order  More info

Refinement and RepetitionRefinement & Repetition, by Steve Anderson
Steve's Dry Fire Drills for Dramatic Improvement took him to IPSC Grand Master Class in 1 year! Covering basic skills to advanced target acquisition and reloading drills - with it, you'll no longer wonder what to practice.  Order  More info

Principles of PerformancePrinciples of Performance, by Steve Anderson
Steve's new book shows you how to take the skills you learned in Refinement and Repetition and transform them into consistent, solid match performances. Order  More info

The Glock in CompetitionThe Glock in Competition, by Robin Taylor
Robin Taylor draws from the experiences of America's finest shooters to create a comprehensive how-to book for the new competitor or anyone who's serious about Glocks. Order  More Info

With Winning In MindWith Winning In Mind, (Book) by Lanny Bassham
"Written by Olympic Gold Medalist and World Rifle Champion Lanny Bassham, I highly recommend With Winning In Mind for anyone seeking improvement of any kind." - Brian Enos  Order  More info

With Winning in Miind CDWith Winning In Mind (Audio CD), by Lanny Bassham
"Read by Olympic Gold Medalist and World Rifle Champion Lanny Bassham, I highly recommend With Winning In Mind for anyone seeking improvement of any kind." - Brian Enos  Order  More info

Freedom Flight BookFreedom Flight (Book), by Lanny Bassham
Lanny's new book, inspired by true events and real people, is an unforgettable story of survival and attainment, of becoming and accomplishment, as one man's experiences empower another man's future.  Order  More info

Freedom Flight CDFreedom Flight (Audio CD), by Lanny Bassham
This Audio CD is applicable to any performer, competitor or business professional. If you liked With Winning in Mind you will enjoy Freedom Flight.  Order  More info

Mental Management for Shooting Sports CDMental Management for Shooting Sports (Audio CD), by Lanny Bassham
If you are a competitive shooter of any kind, this CD set is for you. Archery, shotgun, SASS, pistol, rifle, handgun - any shooting competitor will be able to gain mental strength from this CD set.  Order  More info

Pistol, Rifle, and Shotgun Firearm Lubricant

Created by your host... Slide-Glide softens a pistol's "felt recoil" - and protects all firearms from wear. After years of testing in IPSC's demanding environment, it's now available in 3 viscosities, and in tubs or tubes.  Order  More info

T-shirts's Maku mozo! T-Shirts
Maku mozo! T-shirts available in two new colors, "sand" and "indigo." And they're not your normal shooting shirt - they'll raise an eyebrow when you're in line at the grocery store. smile  Order  More info StickerNew: Stickers
They are available 100 per roll, and make great aiming points for group shooting or zeroing your gun. And quality laminated stickers are availalbe in any quantity. Order

IDPA, USPSA, and IPSC Training & Competition DVDs & VHS tapes


Books & CDs



Dillon Precision

Wilson Combat

Brian's Collection
Matt Burkett
Ron Avery

DVDsBrian's Video/DVD Collection
My Video/DVD collection includes all the classic's from Lenny Magill, including the three biggest sellers of all time - How to Shoot Fast and Accurately, IPSC Secrets, and Pistol Masters. Order  More info

Burkett DVDMatt Burkett's Practical Shooting Series
Matt's Practical Shooting series currently has seven volumes - Practical Shooting Vol. 1-3 (2-disc set), Vol. 4 - How to Shoot Faster, Vol. 5, Winning IDPA Techniques, Vol. 6, The AR-15 (2-disc set), Vol. 7, How to Practice, and Vol. 8, Shotgun Mastery. (DVD Vol. 1-3 features an interview with your host.) All Burkett DVDs are now priced at 50% off retail.  Order  More info

Avery VHS tapeRon Avery's Secrets of a Professional Shooter Series
World class technical shooting instruction from top-level IPSC competitor and L.E. trainer Ron Avery. Now available on DVD.  Order  More info

Handgun, Rifle, and Shotgun Reloading Equipment and Supplies

Dillon PressDillon Precision Reloading Supplies
Dillon Precision manufacturers the finest reloading equipment on the planet. Inspired by Forum members, the original version of my Which Dillon? guide was on my website before I became a Dillon dealer. Also check my Dillon FAQ - it will probably answer all your questions.  Order  More info

scale Digital Caliper and Digital Scale
Calipers required to reload metallic cartridge ammunition, with any Dillon press. And my Pro-digital Scale will allow you to quickly and accurately calibrate the press's Powder Measure. Digital Calipers  Digital Scale

1911 9mm, 38 Super, 40 S&W, and 45 ACP Accessories

Wilson magazinesWilson Combat
When my inventory is gone, I will no longer sell Wilson Combat products.
I stock popular Wilson Combat accessories for 1911-style pistols: 8, 9, & 10 round magazines - including the new, 500 "Tactical Series" magazines for 9mm and 45 ACP, Shok-Buffs, extractors, ejectors, and more.  Order  More Info


I still remember my first Brownells catalog. I thought it was the coolest thing in print, ever. I read the catalog like people read their favorite book - over and over. I remember dreaming of all the cool gunsmithing tools I would buy, some day, when I could afford them.  More Info on Brownells &

How it all began...

I retired from professional competition in 2000, and had enough money saved to live without working for a year. So I started building, intending to sell my Practical Shooting book - Practical Shooting, Beyond Fundamentals - and my Slide-Glide firearm lubricant online. Soon I had a Forum going. A year later, mostly due to forum traffic, had turned into a monster. As the website and Forum expanded, I received requests from Forum members to sell products other than my own. After a few phone calls, I began adding products from companies I was either sponsored by, involved with developmentally, or companies whose products I had used and endorsed during my professional career.

I will not sell anything in which I do not have complete confidence. I have either personally used, or would recommend every product on my site. Furthermore, I will deal directly with the manufacturer to ensure your total satisfaction with every product. If you have any questions whatsoever, please email or call my toll free number.

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