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HUGE GLOCK PARTS SALE… The price for all the Glock parts on this page have been reduced to my cost.

Although the quality of all the Glock parts are absolutely top-notch, I’m guessing they did not sell well for me because is known for competitive pistol training books.

Below you will find eleven premium Madison Custom Glock Replacement Parts Upgrade Kits:

  • Glock Slide Parts Parts Kit
  • Glock Frame Parts Kit
  • Glock Upgrade Kit
  • Glock Custom Field Kit
  • Glock Captured Guide Rod “S”
  • Glock Captured Guide Rod “L”
  • Glock Tungsten Guide Rod
  • Glock Stainless Parts Kit
  • Glock Stainless Pin Set, Generation 3
  • Glock Stainless Pin Set, Generation 4
  • Glock Trigger Pull Upgrade Kit

All the parts are made in the USA, and will improve the performance, fit, and function of your favorite Glock pistol.

History and inspiration from John May, President of Madison Custom…

My entry into the firearms industry was in 1987. I had always had a love of guns and shooting. But since my dad
didn’t really care for handguns, they held the most fascination for me. [Funny, that was true for me too. -Brian Enos]

I traveled with some friends to an IDPA (International Defensive Pistol Association) competition, and from there a life
in the firearms industry was born. I was asked to join Wilson Combat as purchasing manager and I took the job.

In 2003 I moved to Berryville, Arkansas, to take my place at Wilson Combat. Over the next ten years I served as purchasing
manager, warehouse manager, sales manager, shop manager, and general manager.

The concept for Madison Custom came from a group of guys with like minds and similar goals. We pooled our resources
and created replacement parts kits for Glocks. We offer only the highest quality, reliable parts kits that exceed factory
tolerances. All parts are made with pride in the USA.
-John May

If you have any questions about the Kits, please post a New Topic in my Madison Custom Forum, and I will get the answer
from John May and post it in your Topic.

When I was a dealer for Wilson Combat, for ten years, I worked exclusively with John May when he was their
Production Manager. If John May is involved, I am on board.
-Brian Enos

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