Slide-Glide Gun Lube

Slide-Glide is a uniquely formulated firearm lubricant that improves function and virtually eliminates wear and corrosion. It softens “felt recoil” in semi-auto firearms, especially pistols.

NOTE: Slide-Glide is no longer available in Tubs.

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Advantages over other oil and grease lubricants:

  • Softens felt recoil in semi-autos.
  • It’s super “stringy” – it stays where you put it – forever.
  • It is blended with the highest-grade extreme pressure compound available.
  • Provides a dramatic improvement in lubrication compared to conventional oils and greases such as lithium, or lithium-based metallic greases containing molybdenum or graphite.
  • Provides premium protection from corrosion and rust.

Slide-Glide is guaranteed to improve the operation of any pistol, revolver, rifle, or shotgun.

And it’s not just for firearms. It has many uses: hinges, latches, sliding surfaces and bearings of all types. If friction is involved, put some Slide-Glide on it. Be creative.

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