Glock Slide Completion Kit


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Glock Slide Completion Kit, sku: MC4725

Fits Gen 1 – 3, all calibers except 10mm and 45 ACP.


  • Firing Pin Safety Plunger Melonite Coated
  • Spring Loaded Bearing
  • Firing Pin Safety Plunger Spring Oxide Coated
  • Striker Spring Oxide Coated
  • Extractor Plunger Melonite Coated
  • Extractor Plunger Bearing Melonite Coated
  • Spring Cups
  • Striker Spacer Sleeve
  • Striker Channel Liner
  • Striker Slick Coated
  • Tool Steel Extractor with Loaded Chamber Indicator
  • Slide Cover Plate

To work in conjunction with the Custom Frame Completion Kit we have assembled the Slide Completion Kit.  This Kit has it all: the Spacer Sleeve and Liner accompanied by the Spring Cups all work in conjunction with the Custom Firing Pin.  The collection of small parts that make the Safety Plunger and the Extractor work reliably have been melonited to protect them with a hard layer of self-lubricating finish, and all the springs have been oxide coated for a longer and superior service life.  The Extractor included in this Kit was chosen for its long life and performance as well as offering a loaded chamber indicator. When combined with the remaining parts, this Kit allows you to build your own pistol into a one of a kind work horse.  All parts are made in the USA.