Practical Shooting DVDs, Vol. 1-3, by Matt Burkett


These are the first firearms training DVD's! Matt's original Practical Shooting Videos Volumes 1-3 are now available on a two-disc DVD set, which is over 155 minutes long. I highly recommend them for your first USPSA training and competition DVDs.
155+ minutes

Also features an interview with your host.

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Matt Burkett’s original Practical Pistol Shooting Series, Volumes 1-3, are now available on a two-disc DVD set, which is over 155 minutes long. Watch and learn as professional shooter Matt Burkett teaches his student (Kevin Elpers) the techniques required to be a successful IPSC pistol shooter.

Everything is covered: Safety, Equipment Choice and Set-up, Stance, Grip, Eye Dominance, Sight Information, Weak/Strong Hand, Target Transitions, Draws, Reloads, Trigger Control, Shooting while Moving and much more!

Guest star Don Golembieski (master gunsmith) takes you through equipment selection and maintenance. Disc Two has a bonus interview with your host, Brian Enos, covering: cross-dominance, sighting techniques, fundamentals of shooting discussions, and, “consciously moving your attention.

This video set will teach the skills and techniques needed to dominate in the competitive shooting sports as well as provide an advanced level of knowledge and skill set for the casual shooter. Highly recommended as your first competition DVD.
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155+ minutes

They don’t leave much out, that’s for sure! It would have saved me well in excess of $60 had these DVDs (Vol. 1-3) been around when I began learning the game. (I still am learning it, don’t get me wrong.) They really will shortcut the learning curve for you, and are a very worthy investment.
Bret Heidkamp
I guess being sick today has it’s advantages… I ordered Vol. 1-3 and spent the afternoon watching them. Excellent info. I already picked up a couple really good tips the first time through. The videos are well produced and filled with up to date information on techniques and equipment. These videos have info which is good for all levels from beginner to master. Great job Matt.
Chris Grube

The two biggest lessons I’ve learned so far are: 1) The “better” way to go prone. I currently just fall forward, but Matt shows how to drop straight down, quick. 2) The very smart (and gamey) way of “prepping the mag.” When you have to shoot strong hand only followed by a reload, Matt has his fresh mag in his weak hand before he’s done shooting. Man, why didn’t I think of that? BTW, the bloopers at the end of tape #1 are great! Matt says to his trainee – “This makes you a little tired doesn’t it?” Trainee says, “Not for someone who’s a perfect physical specimen like myself. “Then there’s this silent pause… and Matt looks at the camera – that cracked me up!

I’ve trained with top GM’s and seen all the video instruction tapes available and Matt’s are the best , hands down. On Vol. 4, he not only gives you the “do this to go faster” but he gives you the WHY you should “do this.” You just don’t get this analysis anywhere else. Also, watching the student/lower class shooter perform the drill next to the GM instructor gives me the ability to visually critique a shooter’s performance. It’s amazing how much you can learn at a match by watching other shooters, both good ones and bad ones, by being able to critque their performance. Invaluable! Can’t wait for the next DVD.
Thanks Matt!
Brian Smith