RL 550B Pistol Caliber Conversion Items

RL 550B Caliber Conversion Items:

  • Caliber Conversion Kit (required – contains caliber-specific 550 items)
  • Deluxe Quick-Change Kit (allows leaving Dies and Powder Measure in the Toolhead)

    (Included with "Top Notch" Conversion Packages)

  • Toolhead & Powder Die (instead of a Deluxe Quick-Change Kit, allows leaving Dies in the Toolhead)

    (Included with "Basic" Conversion Packages)

  • Dies (required)
  • Case Gage (not required, but very handy for "chamber checking" loaded rounds)
  • Primer Pickup Tubes (optional, for loading primers in the press, 100 at a time)
550 Caliber Conversion Kit

550 Deluxe Quick-Change Kit

Toolhead & Powder Die

550 Caliber Conversion Kit

Inc. Shellplate, Locator buttons,

and Powder Funnel

550 Deluxe Quick-Change Kit

Inc. Toolhead, Toolhead Stand, &
Powder Measure, which includes Pistol and Rifle powder charge bars and Powder Die

550 Toolhead & Powder Die

Bought instead of a Deluxe Quick-Change Kit

Dillon Carbide Pistol Dies Dillon Size/De-capping Die
* Floating Decap Assembly elimates    primer "draw back"
* Long, tapered carbide ring
* Radiused opening makes
   progressive loading smoother

Dillon Seat Die
* Reversible seating stem makes it    easy to change bullet styles

Dillon Crimp Die
* Quick disassembly, easy to clean

Case Gage

Dillon Pistol Dies, Carbide

Dillon Stainless Case Gage
(Pistol or Rifle)
Primer Pickup Tubes
Primer Pickup Tubes
(2 Sm/2 Lg)