A Story from The Steel Challenge

“Each morning, we are born again. What we do today is what matters most.”
-The Buddha

We’re at the Steel Challenge, in the iron-sighted stock gun division.

It was a dry, dusty day, and the sun bore down on us like Rob Leatham when he knows he’s behind… 

We’re at the last stage. I had trashed a stage earlier, so I didn’t think I could win the match.

As I was waiting, ready to just get it over with, I heard whispering in the squadding area; I wasn’t as far behind as I thought. If I shot well on the last stage, I’d have a chance to win.

This idle chatter brought me back to life. I looked into it, and realized I was only about one second behind the leader. Who, fortunately for me, was scheduled to shoot before me. 

Steel Challenge circa 1981. Mike Henry’s finishing off a candy bar while I’m psyching up to tear the next stage apart. Check out those Ray-Bans, (which I still have). More fun pics from that era.

I watched him shoot and felt I could beat his time by a second if I shot to my ability. Stepping into the shooting box, I was massively determined to stick with my plan to call every shot and grind out a solid score. I did that and won the match by .01 of a second.

On that occasion, knowing where I stood was what I needed to know.

Figure out what motivates you to do your best and always rely on that.

I’ll post a new topic each Friday afternoon, in one of two categories. One will be on shooting, and the other will be on living. Or: how I learned to live from what I learned by competing.
Thanks for coming in.