Awareness & Thought

“By being alive to difficulty one can avoid it.” 
-Lao Tzu

In the well-being department, not knowing we are thinking is our only problem.

Problems appear and remain because we do not know we think them into existence. 

Awareness is the remedy.

As you become more aware of how efficiently your mind creates problems, the fewer problems it will create. Which is the natural result of being more aware. And it only took me about 40 years to figure that out.

Replace thinking with listening.

The most valuable thing I’ve learned from being aware: awareness and thought cannot co-exist. When you know you are aware, you are trouble-free.

When you are not busy creating problems, you are naturally happy.

If you suspend the comparing and evaluating mind for long enough, it will finally realize its uselessness and wander off, on its own, for good.

Like the shadow 
steadily and
moment of silence
releases you
from confusion.

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