Care Less

“Here is my secret: I don’t mind what happens.”

The only things that bother you are things you care about.

Care about what is immediately and obviously good, like family, friends, pets, and health. For everything else, regard care with suspicion.

Imagine you are going to cook dinner for yourself.

Now imagine you are going to cook dinner for some friends. 

Then…  Imagine you are going to cook dinner for a group of people you don’t know. Stop and really imagine that for a moment.

Did you notice a change in your mindset between those scenarios?

What is the common factor that changed your mindset? Care. You went from not caring to much about how the food turned out, to caring a little, to caring a lot. Even fear perhaps, in the last example.

Cares, like desires, when reduced, bring happiness.

Caring is double-edged. If you didn’t care, you’d never do anything properly. But if your care includes expectations, disappointment looms.

My cat does not give a shit.

When we just do something, without caring about the result, the fact of not caring fuels performance to maximum capacity.

When you are paying attention, you cannot think. When attentive, you are care-free and wide open… nothing can bother you.

The most important thing is not to take anything too seriously, especially yourself.

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