Slide-Glide is blended with the highest-grade, extreme-pressure compound available. It also has a stringy characteristic so it stays where you put it. Compared to lithium, molybdenum, and graphite greases—including any “high-tech” synthetic grease I’ve tested—it dramatically improves protection from wear.

Due to Slide-Glide’s stringy quality, all friction areas remain filled with grease. This results in a softer "felt recoil," which is noticeable in all semi-automatic firearms, especially pistols.

Dust, dirt or unburned powder?
Its extreme-pressure compound and stringy quality prevent wear from contaminants. And most unburned powder residues are lubricating in nature (graphite), so they do not adversely affect the performance of the grease.
I prefer shooting guns to cleaning them. For 50,000 rounds, I shot over 5000 rounds between cleanings in the same pistol—and did not observe any excess barrel, slide, and frame wear.

Before shooting in competition with Slide-Glide: Test the viscosity and how much you apply in the temperature where you will shoot.

Apply anywhere you want the highest quality grease available.
(Except for human body parts, of course.)


Before first application: Thoroughly clean and dry your firearm.
Re-applying Slide-Glide: Wipe it off with a paper towel. Finish by thoroughly wiping with a shop towel, forcing the towel into sharp corners with a small screwdriver or stiff brush.


Pistols (All action types)
Coat all contact areas: Frame and slide rails; upper and lower barrel locking lugs and bushing; upper locking lugs of slide; recoil spring, guide rod, and inside the reverse plug. Assemble, cycle the slide, and wipe off excess.
Experiment—the more you apply the slicker and “softer” your pistol will feel.

Hammer and Sears (All)
Apply to pins, sear nose and hammer hook.

Rifles (Bolt & Lever-action): Apply to the lever-action or bolt’s
contact areas.

Rifles & Shotguns (Pump & Semi-auto)
Apply to the recoil spring, bolt, and bolt carrier’s contact areas. Revolvers (Single & Double-action): Apply to the internal action parts, springs, and crane/frame contact area. Lube the cylinder and yoke with a lightweight oil.


Slide-Glide Lite (Thin Viscosity)
• 30+ degrees F
• Pistols, Revolvers, Rifles, Shotguns, 22s
• Compensated Pistols and all "Carry Guns" (applied extremely sparingly)

Slide-Glide Standard (Medium Viscosity,)
• 60+ degrees F
• Semi-automatic, Centerfire Firearms

Slide-Glide Heavy (Heavy Viscosity)
• 80+ degrees F
• Semi-automatic, Centerfire Pistols (non-compensated)
• Pistols with "loose top ends" (Glocks, Sigs, etc.)