I Am

Nobody, in his morning meditation box.

“You are awareness. Awareness is another name for you” 
-Ramana Maharshi

We think: “I am hungry,” or “I am tired,” or “I am cold”… What we are aware of: hungry, tired, cold… changes continuously; but the awareness—the “I am”—never changes.

Become more aware of what never changes: the knowledge “I am aware,” and watch your life change in every way for the better.

Commit to this for a day… Instead of being caught up by your thoughts, just be a passive witness to thoughts and perceptions. As the witness, you’ve taken a step back from your usual way of living.

Keep watching everything you do until you know this for a fact: you could not do anything without awareness. Every thought, feeling, movement, and every perception occurs in awareness. Be that awareness. 

In the awareness of what is occurring, mentally and physically, living perfects itself.


Thanks for coming in.