Learn to live by…

“Here is my secret: I don’t mind what happens.”  -Krishnamurti

Knowing when to not care is a path to inner peace.

Learn how to live by studying nature.

Birds fly, find food and eat, roost up safely for the night, and drop dead from a branch or while flying—and never wonder if they are doing it right. Plants breath carbon dioxide, convert it to the air we breath, grow, wither and die—without caring what their name is or what color they are. My cat sleeps most of the time, flies around the house and yard like a psycho, eats whenever he feels like it—and appears to be the happiest creature on earth.

You learned to walk on your own. You figured it out by trying and failing—not caring that you failed. Again and again until you got it right. Although you did not know that as a toddler.

As an adult, profit from the obscured but innate knowledge: Carefree and aware is a good way to learn and live.

We are conditioned to care about everything we think about. That’s our primary difficulty. Think back on a time when you were happy, for no reason in particular. More than likely you were just enjoying the present moment.


If I’d learned not to care about all the useless things I worried about as a teenager, I would have spent less time curled up on the floor in classrooms and grocery stores from crippling pains in my stomach. My doctor said, physically, there was nothing wrong with me. He said my only problem was that I worried too much. Hearing that changed the course of my life.

Can you control what might happen? Can you do anything about what has already happened? Obviously not. What can you do? The only thing you are ever in control of is how you are, how you feel, in the present moment.

Allow carefree attention to soak into your life. You’ll feel lighter and happier as you stop caring about things that are better off left as they are.

Nothing you think about will ever have any affect on what is going to happen.

Today, give yourself permission to not wish anything was different. Day after day, moment after moment, be like that as often as you can remember. That’s the way to be.

Recognize and remember: thoughts and feelings disappear on their own if you let them. By not holding on, everything is won.

Each Monday, I’ll post a new topic in one of two categories. One will be on shooting, and the other will be on living, or: “how I learned to live from what I learned by competing.” 

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