Live Like it’s Always…

“The eternal life is given to those who live in the present.”

“Everything good has awareness for its root.” 

Be present. Be attentive. Live like it’s always now.

Although maybe not obvious, being alive to the present moment is the best way to be.

On first hearing that, the mind will rebel with a question: Throughout the day, how will I remember what I need to remember? At the appropriate moment, if you are present, you will effortlessly remember everything you need to know. 

Be careful of what you get used to: Thinking about the past and judging yourself all the time.

If what you are thinking about isn’t helpful, isn’t making you feel or perform better, why continue those thoughts? Thinking about what isn’t helpful is a habit, and remains a bad habit in inattention. 

Undo habits with attention. 


There is nothing in this world that can harm you more than your own worrying. Worry is always about the past or the future. If you don’t think about what isn’t happening, it’s not possible to worry.  

Eliminate regret. Think about the past only when it is helpful.

Regarding the future, think only if a plan will help. But never attach to the plan. Be ready to roll with whatever happens.

Going about the day, as you notice thoughts that are not helpful, let them go. Wave goodbye to them even. The more you do that, the more you will see that just the act of noticing … lets them go. The more you practice letting go, the more naturally it becomes automatic.

A good way to start each day is fully aware. As you roll out of bed—no need to think about anything as you are getting dressed—set your resolve to be a little more attentive every day.

Awareness, always present, is without error or judgement. As you grow more aware, living perfects itself.

I’ll post a new topic each Friday afternoon, in one of two categories. One will be on shooting, and the other will be on living. Or: how I learned to live from what I learned by competing.

Thanks for coming in.