Ol’ Days
1983 Nationals
Steel Challenge
Bianchi Cup/Misc.
Early Days

Click the links at the left for some fun, old photos. There’s a nice shot of a tough crowd – me, Rob Leatham, Mike Henry, Lee Souter and more – at the bottom of this page. And check out the innovative techniques! Which, interestingly enough, look exactly like what was in vogue at the time. These are from “the ol’ days”—relatively speaking, of course—circa ’81 – ’82.

pin gun
flying thumb
Check out that hot pin-gun with no “holes”—cutting edge stuff.What about that custom shooting bag, and the “flying thumb” grip?
ol targets
Am I practical or what?The ol’ days targets—with the Pima mountains in the background.
3 amigos
Check’n that stopwatch – could be a new record! Yes,that’s Robbie looking over my shoulder and his brother David setting up the soft drink bottle.The 3 Amigos—Me (or is it James Dean), Mike Henry, and the Great One himself, sportin’ his Wilson Combat shirt.
The AZ State Champ. Those innovative
stances paid off!
Spot the guys—Kirk K, Lee Souter, me, Rob L, Mike Henry, and the ever-popular, world famous, Jake Kempton. Yes, that’s Robbie in the blue Dillon shirt—top right.