Ol’ Days
1983 Nationals
Steel Challenge
Bianchi Cup/Misc.
Early Days

My daughter, Joni, was looking through a photo album my mom made us for Christmas some years ago, and we came up with some good old stuff. The top two are after I cashed in big-time at the Bianchi Cup, then a couple miscellaneous shots, some older shots toward the bottom, including one of my first championship.

innovative blaster

The Dillon Boys
Check out that innovative Star Wars blaster! (You could almost see through the scope.) The “fully sponsored” Dillon Boys.
(With prize and tool.)
Tough Guys
Me, BigJoni, and Michele, and the house we bought with winnings from the Bianchi Cup.Some tough guys from The Steel Challenge.
(bottom) David Cupp and Frank Garcia.(top) Burner, me, Chip, Voigt, and the ever popular Great One himself.
(That pic is on the wall in my office.)
First Shotgun
Single Stage

At 16, my first shotgun, an 870 Remington.

Workin’ the world record holding Lyman single stage, complete with high-speed handle modifications, at 200 rds/hr!
You talkin' to me?
Me and bigJoni

At 29, my first M1A.
“You talkin’ to me?”

Me and big Joni, when she wasn’t so big.
The Pink Jungle Bunnies

My competitive spirit, visible at a young age, as the front man for the “Pink Jungle Bunnies.” (L to R) Buzz, Rick, me, Dave and Dave.

Thanks to Nile Leatham for the first three B&W photos.