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Bianchi Cup/Misc.
Early Days

This page has a couple shots from an early Bianchi Cup (’82 -’83), a few miscellaneous shots, and the original graphics from’s first Photo Page. I know old site visitors would have missed those, especially “The Flash,” “The Blur,” and the astonishing shots of me shooting a stage on the planet Mars.

the cup
Robbie, John Shaw, and me—schooled on the draw by the lightening fast Chip McCormick.Rob and me, going at it on “The Pracitcal.”
6 retards
Six clueless retards—Doug Keonig, Mike Plaxco, Mark Mazatta, Rob Leatham, Jerry Barnhart, and me, after a rouzing round of lazer tag—”Down Under.”
(I’m wearing my chin strap like that on purpose.)
Now that’s a snake!
the flash
the blur
I know old site visitors would have missed—
“The Flash.”
If you didn’t miss The Flash, you would have certainly missed—”The Blur.”
This rare photo captures me spontaneously materializing in the desert, stock gun in hand, ready to tear apart any IPSC stage in the universe.
Thanks to Mark Twight for the above three photos.
on mars
And one of my favorites… Even though these photos appear similar to the photos above, they were actually taken on my most recent road trip to the planet Mars. (I had to convert the VW van to run on rocket fuel, and tweak a few other settings.)
Thanks to Mark Twight for the original shots and Richard Salem for the Bryce 3D mods.
And today… pondering the mysteries of the northern Arizona desert.
Photo by Nidaa A. (The Bint)