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1983 Nationals
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Early Days

The page has some classic shots from the 1983 U.S. IPSC National Championship, when the relatively unknown Rob Leatham rocked the house. (He continues to do so to this day.) As both total unknowns – Rob won the National Championship and I finished second. Rob recently won the IPSC Standard Division World Championship. [08.27.05]

gas pumps
The famous “Gas Pumps” stage, which we tore apart. Check that ISO position.Check out the distance on that Z-Combo! How could I hit anything that far away? (Now it looks like it’s “Weaver time.”)
Me and the “Tommy-gun” in the most innovative shoot-off ever. (I’m lookin’ fairly “upright”—or, can you say—Mr. Tension?)The Great One himself, preparing to kick some butt in the shoot-off.
the champs
world team
I’ve “evolved” since this photo—these days I can give Robbie a big hug and say things like—”I love you man!”The ’83 World IPSC Team—Ross Sefreid, Tommy Campbell, Me, Rob Leatham, and Mike Plaxco.