Practical Living, The Fundamentals

“You are not what you think yourself to be, I assure you. The image you have of yourself is made up from memories and is purely accidental.” 
-Nisargadatta Maharaj

Below are a few principles I’ve found helpful. Perhaps print this, and work with each until you know if it is worthwhile.

The fewer things you claim as yours, the better.

Be okay with more experiences.

It’s often better to embrace what we habitually avoid.

What you don’t object to cannot bother you.

Whenever you notice a thought that was not directly related to what you were doing, note that, then let it go.

Don’t think about what isn’t happening. 

Don’t be a victim of your mind. You are not a thought or idea.

BE, after a hard night of partying at Second Chance, and not taking what’s coming next too seriously.

Replace thinking with listening. Keep it up, and you will hear everything worth knowing.

Whatever you leave alone is perfect.

Assign as few beginnings and endings to as many events as possible.

Don’t take anything too seriously, especially yourself.

Being aware is the key to everything good.

When aware, each moment will relay what to do or what to leave undone.

Ignore the trouble-making mind out of existence.

Inner peace is the absence of mental resistance.

Be silent, and be aware of your own being: the feeling that you exist.

For a spontaneous moment of meditation, pick which works best for you:
Know you are aware.
Know you are not thinking.

The more I know I am aware, moment to moment, day after day, the happier I am.

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