Question Belief

“I may perceive the world just like you, but you believe to be in it, while I see it as an iridescent drop in the vast expanse of consciousness.” 
-Nisargadatta Maharaj

Belief creates your reality.

Because humans created language, does it make sense to believe that any object is actually its name?

Language came not with man but from man, so if something you are believing is disabling you—let it go—you do not have to think about it.

Thinking is necessary to live and function. Beyond that, however, examine your ideas with suspicion.

Watch your mind until you witness this: The mind instantly translates a sensation into a thought, then, nearly imperceptibly, you believe the perception is its name.

Zen master Keizan, 1268 – 1325.

Keizan: “When you hear words, you should understand the heart of the matter—don’t get stuck on the words. Saying “fire” is not fire, saying “water” is not water. That is why your mouth doesn’t burn when you speak of fire and doesn’t get wet when you speak of water. So we know that water and fire are in reality not words.”

“Understand the heart of the matter”: Words are not reality. Nothing is how you think it is.

Belief produces your reality. Stop thinking, and what remains is pure, wordless experience, in which there are no problems.

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