See Sooner

“All that we are is the result of what we have thought. The mind is everything. What we think, we become.” 

To improve transition speed, learning to see “sooner” is key, and is done with a continuously moving visual focus.

Erase the term “sight picture” from your mind. Your pistol will always be moving, to some degree, as the shot fires. Learn to shoot from what you see as the sights arrive on the target, which removes hesitation caused by looking for a perfect sight picture

Fun photo, by Mark Twight, of BE not looking for a perfect sight picture.

Seeing sooner also means you see the front sight lift the instant the shot fires, so you know exactly where the bullet will land, before it does. With a precise shot call, the transition to the upcoming target occurs simultaneously with the shot’s firing, again, eliminating hesitation. 

You will also exit each shooting position decisively if you called the last shot precisely.

If there is uncertainty in anything you see or do, you won’t do anything properly.

All types of shot calling—from just seeing the slide on the target to a stopped, perfect sight alignment—belong to one activity: knowing

When every shot fires, you either knew where the bullet hit or you didn’t. Think about that for the rest of your shooting life. If you are not calling every shot, you are not shooting; you’re just pulling the trigger.

If the goal is to shoot effectively and consistently, it’s good to start from the beginning: know what you must see to call every shot. And always do just that.

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