Dry-Fire Reloaded, by Ben Stoeger



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Dry-Fire Reloaded is an at home training manual for Practical Shooting competitors of all types – IPSC, USPSA, or IDPA. This manual gives you a comprehensive set of drills that will take your skills to the next level. The book has extensive drill commentary, where specific information on the focal points and goals of each individual drill are explained in detail. The extensive information provided will give you the ability to act as your own coach. Log sheets are included in the book so you can track your progress.

Although the book is self-contained, it is an excellent companion to Ben Stoeger’s Skills & Drills book.

Chapter List:
• My Dry-fire Journey
• What’s New In This Book
• This Isn’t Easy
• Part 1: All About Dry-fire
• Part 2: Dry-fire Logistics
• Part 3: How Dry-fire Fits In Your Overall Plan
• Part 4: Elements
• Part 5: Standards
• Part 6: Scenarios
• Part 7: Assorted Excerises
• Part 8: Practice Stages
• Part 9: Sample Training Plans
• Dry-fire FAQs


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