Freedom Flight, 2 Audio CD’s, by Lanny Bassham



Two people have a conversation on a long plane trip from New York to Cairo Egypt. One is an Olympic Silver Medalist; the other is someone that will offer a truly unforgettable story that will take you, along with the medalist, to a new understanding of the origins of mental power. Read more below…


Inspired by true events and real people, Lanny tells an unforgettable story of survival and attainment, of becoming and accomplishment, as one man’s experiences empower another man’s future. You will learn 14 principles of attainment in this 96 page book. This book is applicable to any performer, competitor or business professional. Young, old, rich or poor – this story is for you. The Audio CD version of Freedom Flight will allow you to listen to this inspirational story on your way to your next challenge. It is on 2 CDs and is read by the author.

Olympic Silver Medalist, Lanny Bassham, was feeling truly defeated and sorry for himself due to his failure to reach his ultimate goal. He meets a man who changes his perspective, his attitude and most importantly his future. An unlikely mentor named Jack explains to Lanny that he is has lost his freedom and is living in a self-imposed prison. During their plane flight to Cairo, these two strangers embark on a truly inspirational discovery. This CD includes 14 success principles and packs a powerful punch to those who choose the experience the flight of their life – their Freedom Flight. Take back your freedom, break down the walls to your self-imposed prison and reach for your dreams.


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