Get to Work: The Practice of More Points per Second, by Steve Anderson



200 pages, 36 chapters. From Steve Anderson…

Topics covered include:
• The Dry Fire Tune-up explained, including 4 tricks that always work to get a sub-second draw.
• An interview with Max Michel about the one thing he did to become a contender for a national campionship.
• 30 new drills, including the best drill I have ever found for improving match performance.

The average shooter is likely to face years of struggle with the frustration of trying to balance speed and accuracy in sports that have no perfect score. I have been this average shooter, and I have endured these same struggles and frustrations.

After 10 years of experimentation and research I believe I have found some solutions. My hope is that I can now explain these ideas well enough to save others a few of those years of struggle and enjoy more success.

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Steve Anderson’s latest competition shooting book, Get to Work: The Practice of More Points per Second, provides spot-on instruction for all levels of training and competing for IPSC, USPSA, and IDPA shooting. Its 38 concise chapters will guide you to peak performance, provided you are willing to “Get to Work.”

I wish I could have read everything in this book before I trained for years to figure it all out on my own.

The book does not have any “filler material.” You will learn something from every page, if not every paragraph.

The first 137 of the books 202 pages are purely instructional (see chapter list below), and the rest of the material is interactive with dry and live fire drills.

What you will learn, from the well thought out Chapter List:

The Process
Goals and Level of Participation
Absolutely Essential: An Open Mind
Making Myelin
The Truth About Getting Good
What the Sport Requires
More Than a Feeling
The Three Modes of Practice
The Technique Trap
Creativity: The Missing Link
Nerves and Steel
Two New Kinds of Time
The World’s Shortest Shooting Lesson
Learning to Call Your Shots
Another Kind of Shot Calling
The Secret
Moving and Targets
Get the Gun to the Target
Bursts of Speed
The Art of Deceleration
Analyzing Everything
What if it Could Be Effortless?
A Job for the Conscious Mind
A Properly Prepared Brain
Max Michel: Calling the Shot
The Dry Fire Tune-up Explained
Tweaks Part 1: The Draw
Tweaks Part 2: The Explosive Draw
Tweaks Part 3: The Surrender Start Postition
The Turn and Draw: Part 1
The Turn and Draw: Part 2
One Hand Draws
Pulling the Trigger
Pulling the Trigger Faster
Dry Fire Tune-up Level 2: Always Moving
Drills, Logs, Modes, and Par Times
Dry Fire Drills
Live Fire Drills


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