Pistol Masters DVD

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An in-depth discussion of the winning techniques used by the best action pistol shooters in the world: Enos, Leatham, Barnhart, Chapman, McCormick and more.
60 Minutes

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From the 90’s, this DVD features nine of the best USPSA / IPSC practical pistol shooters in the world at that time: Brian Enos, Rob Leatham, Jerry Barnhart, Chip McCormick, Bill Wilson, Ray Chapman, J. Michael Plaxco, Angelo Spagnoli, and Joanne Hall. Each discusses the methods/techniques that have made them successful in IPSC pistol competition. Includes: the draw, grip, sight picture, trigger pull, speed vs. precision shooting, type of weapons they use, practice methods, and mental concentration.

Although the equipment is a bit dated, the physical and mental techniques presented in this DVD are still spot on today.

60 minutes