Thinking Practical Shooting, by Saul Kirsch



Covering a wide range of topics, Saul Kirsch’s second book addresses the mental skills necessary for consistent success under pressure. Other topics include: The champion’s attitude, Visualization techniques, Goal setting and training programs, The shooting diary, Match preparation, Physical training for IPSC, Match day nutrition, Gear preparation, Stage Tactics and match tactics.

204 pages, softbound

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In his second practical shooting book, Saul shares with his readers 20 years of competition experience and know-how. His unique background, first as an Olympic rifle shooter and then as a Practical Shooting competitor, gives him a profound understanding of the key elements required to excel under the pressure of competition.

Each topic contains detailed insights into the attitudes and techniques critical to success. Each drill is explained in depth – how to shoot, what you learn and how to keep track of your progress and learning curve.

Saul Kirsch’s newest book, Thinking Practical Shooting, covers a wide range of topics:

Part I: The Basics of Practical Shooting

  • Elements of Practical Shooting
  • Accuracy in Pistol Shooting
  • Recoil Control in High Speed Shooting
  • Understanding IPSC Scoring

Part II: Mental Aspects of Practical Shooting

  • The Mental Process of Performance
  • The Champion’s Attitude
  • The Power of Visualization
  • Managing Match Stress
  • The Mental Games We Play

Part III: Preparation

  • Goal Setting
  • Building a Training Program for Practical Shooting
  • The Shooting Diary
  • Perfect Practice
  • How to Use Published Stage Designs
  • Match Preparation
  • Physical Training for Practical Shooters
  • Preparing Your Gear for Competition

Part IV: Match Day Performance

  • Preparing for a Great Stage Performance
  • Chipping Away at Stage Times
  • Tactical Stage Analysis
  • IPSC Match Tactics
  • Match Day Nutrition
  • Interacting with Range Officials

Part V: In Closing

  • Shooting Swingers (Bobbers)
  • The Secret of Successful Practical Shooting

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