Slide-Glide Tub, Tube & Brush Combo Deal

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Save 10% on all three by buying a Tub, a Tube, and a Super-cheap Brush together.
Select the Viscosity for the Tub and the Tube from the menus below.


Slide-Glide Lite

  • 30+ degrees F / All Firearms
  • Centerfire Pistols: Non-compensated & Compensated
  • Rifles: All action types (including Lever Actions)
  • Shotguns: All action types
  • Revolvers: (Internal action parts only – not for the cylinder)
  • Semi-atuo and .22 Revolvers
  • Carry Guns: Applied extremely sparingly for maximum reliability.

If you only will buy one viscosity, Slide-Glide Lite is perfect for all firearms above 30 degrees F.

Slide-Glide Standard

  • 60+ degrees F
  • Semi-automatic, Centerfire: Pistols (non-compensated)
  • Rifles
  • Shotguns

Slide-Glide Standard was originally blended for “factory” pistols in temperatures above 60 degrees. Its viscosity is a little too thick for compensated pistols, .22’s, and revolvers.

Select Tub Viscosity

Slide-Glide Lite, Slide-Glide Standard, Slide-Glide Heavy

Select Tube Viscosity

Slide-Glide Lite, Slide-Glide Standard


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