Slide-Glide Tube, Standard Viscosity & Brush


Review the Product Description below for applications for these viscosities.

And Slide-Glide isn’t just for firearms. It has many, many uses… Such as hinges, latches, and bearings of all types. If friction is involved, put some Slide-Glide on it. Be creative.

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Slide-Glide Standard:

  • 60+ degrees F
  • Pistols: Semi-automatic, Centerfire
  • Rifles
  • Shotguns


  1. Brian Enos

    P.S. love the slide glide, I have used it on my two practice guns (Para 9 and 40) both have 200,000 plus rounds and they feel like new guns.

    All I can say is – “WOW”!
    I picked up some Slide-Glide Lite off the table at the Bay Area Rifle Championship a week ago. (Oh, and thanks for your sponsorship of the match also.) After shooting Revolver for 6 years and achieving Grand Master class, I decided to cross over to 3-Gun.
    Tired of oil dripping off and out of everywhere on my shotgun and AR-15, I took the advice of a fellow 3-gunner and lubed everything with Slide-Glide. No mess outside. It stays in place. And is slick as hell.
    Had a chance to shoot 3-Gun last weekend with Mike Voigt and Taran Butler in Piru, thus using it for the first time. Everything ran like clock work. And with not having oil splattered everywhere, my guns were cleaner at the end of day. Couldn’t ask for a more perfect gun lube.
    Dan Ca

    Your “Slide Glide” is great. I compared it to a few top products out there and none came even close to working as well. I’m a 100% disabled veteran and what helps me is your lubricant saves me a lot of maintenance. I read your propaganda information and it made complete sense. For me it’s nice knowing I don’t have to put myself in any more pain than I have to, knowing your product stays where it’s put, unlike many other gun lubricants.
    Gary E.

    Brian, I ordered some “lite and standard” product. I haven’t shot my 1911’s that much after I used it, I am impressed with it. My old 1911 has functioned flawlessly after using “lite” with a load that three different weapons could not complete one mag full because of unburnt powder, (I no longer use this load 45 ACP with small pistol primers). Also I call it as I see it, I put the lite on a TC Contender .223 that was very hard to open after firing, not anymore, it is very free and easy to open (Using the exact same loads, factory 55 gr Win)
    Thanks for the great product., Ken B.

    I shoot an XD9. I was recently at a class outside of Laughlin, NV — grit, dirt, sand, various reptile-type varmints, more grit, dirt & sand. One of the range sessions was a ‘combattives’ class which involved falling down – gun-side down – into that grit/dirt/sand.
    There was sand everywhere inside the gun. Had to take it apart and field clean it just to get a new magazine to seat properly.
    The Slide-Glide worked beautifully! Everyone said to use one of those ‘dry lubes’, ‘like they use over in The Sandbox’. What I found was that the Slide-Glide trapped a lot of the grit, wiped off easily leaving a fine lubricant film so that I could shoot for the rest of the day. The areas that had Slide-Glide on them were actually easier to clean than the other parts of the gun that didn’t have grit particles but had a very fine layer of dust that electrostatically stuck to EVERYTHING — plastic & metal.
    Dr Fran T

    I bought two tubs of the Slide-Glide a few months ago, Slide-Glide Standard and Slide-Glide Lite. Here in South Dakota it’s to cold to shoot outdoors now.
    I have been using the Lite in my .22 for indoor shooting. It is just what I have been looking for.
    Robert R

    I cleaned three 1911’s, lubed one with grease, the 2nd with oil and the 3rd with Slide-Glide Standard. With just playing with the guns, the greased ones stay sticky and the oiled one is getting dry.
    Your lube is just like my grandkids, I can’t talk enough about it. Everyone keeps saying that they have heard enough about the lube and kids. I am sure that it isn’t going to end that easy.
    Again – I really like the Slide-Glide and I will throw away the box full of different lubes that I bought and collected over the past years.
    Thanks again for a good lube.
    Maynard G

    Hi Brian,
    I found out about your grease through a casual mention in a forum (I forget which one, but a thread about lubing 1911s mentioned it). As I’ve been transitioning into 1911s, I thought your product made sense when I investigated your website.
    So I bought some a week or so ago (Lite, Medium).
    So far I’ve used it in Springfield Range Officer GI size 1911 and my new compact Dan Wesson model. I can tell it works well in both, but it especially helped the Springfield with the looser fitting parts. Just like wider bearing clearances need heavier weight oil in an engine, guns need the same thing.
    I used it also in one of my (many) Glocks, and while the change isn’t as noticeable, the grease does stay in place better than others I’ve used on the slide rails and friction points. I’ve used a few other greases and only one is even semi-close to staying in place like yours.
    Great product, thanks for developing it and selling it.

    Hi Brian… Gave some to a gun store owner to try. He greased the gun up and took it in the back to wipe off any excess. I heard him racking the slide in the back and had a big grin on my face. I could hear how buttery smooth the slide sounded from that far away. He came back out front with the gun and the first words outta his mouth was “Man that’s smooth”,and he didn’t even use that much. Great product. I will be talking to the owner of Trigger Wholesale to see if I can get him to be the Canadian Disrtibutor for ur products.He has a dealer network of over 600 stores in Canada. Cheers

    I wanted to commend you on your Slide Glide product. I have a Kahr T-40 pistol that would not fire to full magazines without failing to go into battery. I would have to hit the back of the slide with the heel of my hand to fully chamber the round. For this reason I would not rely on the T-40 as my primary side arm.
    After cleaning my pistol and applying slide glide to all the contact services, I went to my local range and fired 100 rounds without a single hiccup. Kahr should include a couple of tubes of Slide Glide with all their stainless steel handguns.
    It is obvious conventional gun oil does not provide enough lubrication to prevent friction between stainless steel mating surfaces. Keep up the good work and I will tell anyone who owns a Kahr stainless steel pistol to invest in Slide Glide for 100% functionality every time they squeeze the trigger.

    Your “Slide Glide” is great. I compared it to a few top products out there and none came even close to working as well. I’m a 100% disabled veteran and what helps me is your lubricant saves me a lot of maintenance. I read you propaganda information and it made complete sense. For me its nice knowing I don’t have put myself in anymore pain than I have to knowing your product stays where it put unlike many other gun lubricants.

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