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Cleaning & Application

Will it attract dirt?

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Slide-Glide is a uniquely formulated lubricant that protects all firearms from corrosion and wear. It also softens “felt recoil” in all semi-auto’s, especially pistols.

Advantages over other oils and greases:

  • Softens felt recoil in semi-autos
  • It’s super “stringy” – it stays where you put it – forever.
  • Blended with the highest-grade extreme pressure compound available.

Stringy Slide-GlideSlide-Glide provides a dramatic improvement in lubrication compared to conventional oils and greases such as lithium, or lithium-based metallic greases containing molybdenum or graphite.

Additionally, it is engineered to have a stringy characteristic that prevents “tracking” or shearing on sliding metal surfaces. It stays put – ceaselessly dragging itself back into the friction areas of the cycling slide and barrel.

It’s stringy characteristic keeps the grease between the moving parts – noticeably softening the felt recoil of semi-atuomatic pistols. Your pistol just feels “smoother” when you shoot it.

With three viscosities to choose from, there is a viscosity of Slide-Glide that will reduce wear and improve the operation of any firearm, tool, or machine.

And Slide-Glide isn’t just for semi-auto pistols. It slicks up revolver actions, pump and semi-automatic shotguns, semi-automatic, bolt and lever-action rifles, and even your Dillon reloading press.

youtube video on applying Slide-Glide (opens new window)

youtube Slide-Glide enorsement video (opens new window)

Note: I do not know the guy, John, that made both of the above videos (I learned about them from a customer on the phone).

Unsolicited Endorsements

Tub: $11.95 / Tube: $7.95


Last, the guys on a-zon seem to like it –

Slide-Glide Lite, Standard, or Heavy? Which Viscosity?

Cleaning & Application

Will it attract dirt?

How it began…



Slide-Glide is available in three viscosities, and in tubs (pictured) and tubes:

Slide-Glide Lite  (thin viscosity)Slide-Glide Lite


  • 30+ degrees F
  • All Firearms:
  • Centerfire Pistols: Non-compensated & Compensated
  • Rifles: All action types (including Lever Actions)
  • Shotguns: All action types
  • Revolvers (Internal action parts only – not for the cylinder)
  • .22’s
  • “Carry Guns” Applied extremely sparingly for maximum reliability

Slide-Glide Lite’s viscosity is blended specifically for “IPSC Open guns” in any temperature, and also works great on the Glock’s “connector.” (More details below.) Order

If you only will buy one viscosity, the Lite is perfect for all firearms in all climates.
Slide-Glide Standard  (medium viscosity)
Slide-Glide Standard


  • 60+ degrees F
  • Semi-automatic, Centerfire:
    • Pistols (non-compensated)
    • Rifles
    • Shotguns

Slide-Glide Standard was originally blended for “stock-type” pistols in temperatures above 60 degrees. Its viscosity is a little too thick for compensated pistols, .22’s, and revolvers. Order
Slide-Glide Heavy  (heavy viscosity)Slide-Glide Heavy


  • 80+ degrees F
  • Semi-automatic, Centerfire:
    • Pistols (non-compensated only!)
    • Pistols with “loose top ends” (Glocks, Sigs, etc.)

Slide-Glide Heavy’s viscosity is specifically blended for pistols with “loose top ends” (frame to slide fit). In temperatures above 80 degrees, it also works well in non-compensated, centerfire pistols. Order


For maximum protection from wear, Slide-Glide Lite is all you need. But for maximum recoil dampening – use the thickest viscosity that allows your pistol to function with 100% reliability in the temperature where you shoot.

Cary or Duty Pistols:
Slide-Glide is a grease, so it will slow down a pistol’s slide-speed (compared to oil). For carry or duty pistols, protection from wear is not an issue – 100% reliability is the most important factor. For that reason, I only recommend Slide-Glide Lite in carry or duty pistols. And even then – applied very sparingly!

Polymer or Stainless Steel:
Slide-Glide works great on pistols with polymer frames, like Glocks and Springfield Armory XDs. And for stainless steel pistols, I’ve had quite a few reports that Slide-Glide will make a pistol function with 100% reliability – that would barely function at all with any other oil or grease.

BEFORE you shoot with Slide-Glide in a competition: Test the viscosity and how much you apply in the temperature where you will shoot!

Review Article:
An in-depth Slide-Glide review, by Duane Thomas and published in the United States Practical Shooting’s Front Sight magazine.

Cleaning & Application Which Viscosity?

Cleaning & Application

Will it attract dirt?

How it began…



Before first application: Thoroughly clean and dry your firearm.
Re-applying Slide-Glide: Wipe off the old Slide-Glide with a paper towel. Finish by thoroughly wiping with a shop towel, forcing the towel into sharp corners with a small screwdriver or stiff brush.Using a “dedicated brush” (Super-cheap brushes are available on, the tip of which is showing below), apply liberal amounts of Slide-Glide and BrushSlide-Glide to both sides of every contact area in the top end. This includes the top and bottom locking lugs on the barrel, the frame and slide rails, the bushing or cone area, and especially the upper locking lugs on the inside of the slide. Don’t forget the recoil spring, guide rod, and the inside of the reverse plug. Basically, apply where anything touches anything else – except the firing pin and stop area. Assemble the pistol, cycle, and wipe off excess. After a little experience with the dedicated brush, you will apply just the right amount.I received an unsolicited call from Darwin Nercesian, who emphatically exclaimed – “You gotta be out of your mind not to be using this stuff.” So there you have it. youtube video on applying Slide-Glide (opens new window)
Apply it just about anywhere you need the finest grease available.
(Except for human body parts, of course.)Dedicated brushUsed and endorsed by Rob Leatham… who also especially endorses the flashing Monty Python arrows.Note: The AR-15 cleaning brush pictured at right doesn’t work quite as well as’s Super-cheap brush. And thanks to Freddy Craig for the term “dedicated toothbrush.”
Will Slide-Glide attract dust or dirt? Which Viscosity?

Cleaning & Application

Will it attract dirt?

How it began…



That’s a common question, and one I can answer from a layman’s perspective.

I prefer shooting guns to cleaning them. When training (Shooting Bio), I would shoot 3000+ rounds (often 5000+) between cleanings, and never observed any excess wear in the top end. In fact, once a new gun “settles in,” it does not seem to wear any more at all.

When I first started testing the Glide, I wondered about the “dust factor.” But after shooting tens of thousands of rounds through the same pistols lubed with the Glide – in the dusty Arizona desert – and not detecting hardly any wear at all – I stopped worrying about it.

Here’s my layman’s theory: The key word is “insulates.” The Glide insulates everything it touches – including dust or dirt. So if there are any dirt particles in the grease, the Glide insulates them from contacting the gun. I’m not an engineer, so I know that’s not very scientific. It’s just my theory based on what I have observed over a long period of time.

From the Hodgdon Powder Company: Most unburned powder residues that may become visible in the grease are actually lubricating in nature (graphite), and will not adversely affect the performance of the grease. (I was sponsored by Hodgdon for several years during my professional career.)

Slide-Glide Dirt / Sand Endorsement

How it began… Which Viscosity?

Cleaning & Application

Will it attract dirt?

How it began…



Initially, my inspiration to develop the Glide came from an overall dissatisfaction with available oils and greases. One day, instead of the usual oil, I lubricated the “top end” (barrel, slide, frame rails, and recoil spring assembly) of my .45 with “White Grease.” It sure felt slick when I cycled the slide… and when I took it to the range, for the first few shots – the gun definitely felt like it “kicked softer.” But after a couple of magazines of ammo, it felt just like it used to when lubricated with oil. I took the slide off, examined the top end, and discovered all the grease had been pushed into the tolerances of the barrel and slide. Well, so much for White Grease. But it got me thinking, so I visited an old friend and shooting acquaintance, Keith L., who happened to be a lubrication engineer for General Motors.

To summarize what follows, all viscosites of Slide-Glide are, and have always been, made from scratch by Keith L. in his garage in East Mesa, AZ.

My first criteria were that the grease stayed where you put it. From the softer felt recoil I noticed when I first tried the White Grease, I knew if the grease would stay in the friction areas, the pistol would feel softer all the time. For felt recoil reduction, after testing with various viscosities, I realized the viscosity was critical: It should be heavy enough so the pistol felt as soft as possible, but not too heavy so as to cause malfunctions. After about a year of testing in my stock-type competition pistols, I was 100% satisfied with it, and decided to call it Slide-Glide Standard.I also had a couple pistols with excessively loose top ends. (150,000+ rounds of non-Glide lubrication.) Thinking a thicker viscosity would improve the softening effect on recoil, I experimented and developed a blend that was noticeably thicker than the standard viscosity. I called it Slide-Glide Heavy

After selling Slide-Glide Standard and Heavy for a few years, I started getting requests to make a lighter viscosity that would allow a compensated, IPSC “Open gun” (cycles with a slower slide velocity than a stock-type pistol) to function reliably, even in colder weather. So I blended a version that was quite a bit thinner in viscosity than #1, and sent samples for competitors to test in their Open guns. When all the reports came back thumbs up – we had Slide-Glide Lite.
The Lite turned out to be a great addition to the Slide-Glide line, because its thinner viscosity allows it to be used in wider range of applications, such as .22’s, revolvers, and in colder weather.

Unsolicited Performance/Protection From Wear Endorsement:
P.S. love the slide glide, I have used it on my two practice guns (Para 9 and 40) both have 200,000 plus rounds and they feel like new guns.
(That pretty much sums it up.)

Unsolicited Endorsements Posted on Other Forums:
Comparison with other lubes (opens in a new window)

Slide-Glide and corrosion protection (opens in a new window)

Unsolicited Performance Endorsement:
All I can say is – “WOW”!

I picked up some Slide-Glide Lite off the table at the Bay Area Rifle Championship a week ago. (Oh, and thanks for your sponsorship of the match also.) After shooting Revolver for 6 years and achieving Grand Master class, I decided to cross over to 3-Gun.

Tired of oil dripping off and out of everywhere on my shotgun and AR-15, I took the advice of a fellow 3-gunner and lubed everything with Slide-Glide. No mess outside. It stays in place. And is slick as hell.

Had a chance to shoot 3-Gun last weekend with Mike Voigt and Taran Butler in Piru, thus using it for the first time. Everything ran like clock work. And with not having oil splattered everywhere, my guns were cleaner at the end of day. Couldn’t ask for a more perfect gun lube.


Dan Carden

Unsolicited Performance Endorsement:
Your “Slide Glide” is great. I compared it to a few top products out there and none
came even close to working as well. I’m a 100% disabled veteran and what helps me is
your lubricant saves me a lot of maintenance. I read your propaganda information and
it made complete sense. For me it’s nice knowing I don’t have to put myself in any more pain
than I have to, knowing your product stays where it’s put, unlike many other gun lubricants.
Gary E.

Unsolicited Reliability Endorsement:
I wanted to tell how well Slide-Glide Lite worked for me. I shoot an indoor bullseye league in the winter in northern Michigan. About midway through last season I started having doubling/slam fires and failure to feed issues with my Pardini GP in 22 Short. In a 60 round match, I would have 2-3 malfunctions. It got so bad I had to buy a new Pardini SP.

Fast forward to December 2007. I bought all three viscosities of Slide-Glide, but primarily it was purchased to use Slide-Glide Heavy in my Glock that I shoot in local USPSA matches. I was also going to try Slide-Glide Lite in my new Pardini. It worked great in both guns.
So, to the main reason that I am writing: I was digging through my safe a couple weeks ago and found the Pardini GP that was giving me all the problems last year. I grabbed the Slide-Glide Lite, disassembled the gun (it had not been touched since last season – not even cleaned) and covered everything internally except for the trigger group. I did nothing else to the gun – no new springs, bolts, mags, buffers – nothing. So now in over 1500 rounds fired, not a single malfunction! I have won the last four matches with this gun.

Thanks for a great product.

Corey Allen

Unsolicited Reliability Endorsement:
Brian, I ordered some “lite and standard” product. I haven’t shot my 1911’s that much after I used it, I am impressed with it. My old 1911 has functioned flawlessly after using “lite” with a load that three different weapons could not complete one mag full because of unburnt powder, (I no longer use this load 45 ACP with small pistol primers). Also I call it as I see it, I put the lite on a TC Contender .223 that was very hard to open after firing, not anymore, it is very free and easy to open (Using the exact same loads, factory 55 gr Win)
Thanks for the great product., Ken B.

Unsolicited “Sand Endorsement”:
Brian —

Experience with Slide-Glide:

I shoot an XD9. I was recently at a class outside of Laughlin, NV — grit, dirt, sand, various reptile-type varmints, more grit, dirt & sand. One of the range sessions was a ‘combattives’ class which involved falling down – gun-side down – into that grit/dirt/sand.
There was sand everywhere inside the gun. Had to take it apart and field clean it just to get a new magazine to seat properly.

The Slide-Glide worked beautifully! Everyone said to use one of those ‘dry lubes’, ‘like they use over in The Sandbox’. What I found was that the Slide-Glide trapped a lot of the grit, wiped off easily leaving a fine lubricant film so that I could shoot for the rest of the day. The areas that had Slide-Glide on them were actually easier to clean than the other parts of the gun that didn’t have grit particles but had a very fine layer of dust that electrostatically stuck to EVERYTHING — plastic & metal.

Even if my gunsmith prefers dry lube & ‘Militek’, I like the Slide-Glide!

Dr Fran Terry

Unsolicited Endorsement:
I bought two tubs of the Slide-Glide a few months ago, Slide-Glide Standard and Slide-Glide Lite. Here in South Dakota it’s to cold to shoot outdoors now.
I have been using the Lite in my .22 for indoor shooting. It is just what I have been looking for.

I cleaned three 1911’s, lubed one with grease, the 2nd with oil and the 3rd with Slide-Glide Standard. With just playing with the guns, the greased ones stay sticky and the oiled one is getting dry.
Your lube is just like my grandkids, I can’t talk enough about it. Everyone keeps saying that they have heard enough about the lube and kids. I am sure that it isn’t going to end that easy.
Again – I really like the Slide-Glide and I will throw away the box full of different lubes that I bought and collected over the past years.
Thanks again for a good lube.

Maynard Grenfield

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