The Exchange

“Just be aware, mirrorlike, right now.”

“Turn your attention back upon yourself and observe.”

As children,
We ask.
And quickly, are told.
Unknowingly accepting
Words from another,
Belief replaces wonder.
Endlessly tortured by the alphabet,
We imagine,
Somehow –
Things can be different (from how they are).
Driven to doubt
All we have accumulated –
At last,
We open to wonder, again.
Should wonder appear, however:
Be careful not to
Remember or recognize anything.
Remain powerfully aware –
Without being aware of anything in particular.
With one blow,
Smash the universe of reason completely!
In the end you will not doubt.
This is called insight knowledge,
And since it’s not received from anyone,
It’s called the truth.

Each Monday, I’ll post a new topic in one of two categories. One will be on shooting, and the other will be on living, or: “how I learned to live from what I learned by competing.” 

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