The Riddle of Existence

When we’re deluded
there’s a world to escape.
When we’re aware
there’s nothing to escape.

Your mind will not bother you when you stop believing its stories. 

The mind continuously forms desires from sensory experiences. What if some, or maybe all, desires are detrimental?

To want anything to be different is our only problem.

Imagine an upcoming unpleasant task. What makes it unpleasant is only your idea about the event; and nothing about an idea, which is a collection of beliefs, is real.

Watch your mind, and you will see that all your difficulties are ideas.

You cannot change what is going to happen. So why worry at all? Be silently peaceful. Which is what you naturally are when you are not worrying, when you are not thinking about what isn’t happening.

Once you free yourself from self-imposed limitations, well-being wise, you have done all there is to do.

The riddle of existence
cannot be solved with words.
What comes and goes 
never existed.
Can a thought,
which vanishes upon its noticing
like a letter drawn on water,
be said to have any meaning?

What you don’t object to cannot bother you.

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