To Push? Part 2

“If you lose yourself in any action, that action will be the most successful.”
-Sri Atmananda

Consider this scenario: You and your competitor are close in points but you are a couple of points behind.  It’s the last stage of the match, and your competitor just shot a good run, to his ability. You are up. Do you just go and shoot like you normally would or do you push yourself to shoot a little faster in order to go for the win?

I’d been there many times. If I pushed myself to shoot a faster pace than I’d normally shoot, I’d crash almost every time. So the idea of pushing was rejected.

You cannot exceed your ability; trying to do so invites failure.

I erased the idea of a “normal pace.” If I defined myself as having a normal pace, then I had something I could “push.” Or something to try, which is worse. 

I trusted that the perfect run was within me, waiting to come out—if I let it by not trying anything—and just shoot!

In shooting and in living, good things happen when you are present.

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