“This is Wu Hsin’s open secret: the only evil is inattention.”
-Wu Hsin


From decisive seeing flows impeccable activity.

Transition speed, or how quickly your pistol moves from target to target, is determined by how confidently you called the shot before the transition.

A precise call allows your eyes to quickly locate the next target.

If you do not make a precise call, you will not decisively locate the next target. 

A doubtful call is the source of slow target to target transitions. You must know, at the instant the shot fired, that the target was hit.

Wu Hsin

Avoid transitioning to an imprecisely defined target.

Before you shoot every stage, visualize “how” you will see each target.

If you can see the A-box (scoring lines) in an USPSA target, the A-box is all you should see as your pistol moves to that target.

If you cannot see the A-box, look at the center of the target. Do not transition to “brown.” (The brown-colored shape of the target.)

If the target is a steel plate, see it as a clearly recognized round object.


How quickly you exit a shooting position is governed by the same rule as target to target transitions. As you are leaving the position, if you did not precisely call the last shot, uncertainty will prevent you from quickly exiting the position.

Inattention begets uncertainty and doubt; attention eliminates both.

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